General Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make a last minute reservation?

Yes, as long as you contact us via E-mail and/or WhatsApp.

2. I cannot find my hotel in the booking form. What should I do?

Select the name of your hotel and its address, in the “Full destination address” box, in the 2nd step of the booking form.

3. Can I book more than one stops?

Yes, as long as the extra stops are in the same direction as the final destination and for a certain period of time.
Fill in the desired positions in the “Comments” box, in the 2nd step of the reservation.

4. Will someone else travel in the same vehicle as me?

No, only your family or friends. All our transfers are private transfers.

5. My company / family members must be picked up or dropped off at a different address. Can I make such a reservation?

Yes, by appointment and if the pick-up / drop-off addresses match. For such a reservation fill in the details and the additional addresses and times,
in the “Comments” box, in the 2nd step of the reservation form.

6. Are child seats available and for what ages?

Yes, child seats are available for all ages and are free of charge. Select what you need in the 2nd step of the booking form.

7. Can I carry a stroller?

Yes, there is a very large luggage compartment. Please indicate your wish, in the box with the “Comments”, in the 2nd step of the reservation.

8. Can I carry a wheelchair?

Yes, there is a very large luggage compartment. Please indicate your wish, in the box with the “Comments”, in the 2nd step of the reservation.

9. Can I take a pet with me?

Yes. As long as the following conditions are met: to be clean, calm, to have a collar and muzzle (if it is a dog), to have a veterinary check mark,
to sit only on the floor of the car and to be accompanied by a person. The driver may refuse the transfer if these regulations are not as mentioned.
Please indicate your wish, in the box with the “Comments”, in the 2nd step of the reservation.

10. How can I pay for my booking?

The payment of a reservation is made in two stages:
The deposit, which is necessary to confirm the reservation, is made either by bank transfer or PayPal.
The rest of your transfer is paid in cash, to our guide, upon arrival at your destination.

11. How do I find your bank account or PayPal details to pay the deposit?

Our bank account and PayPal details will be displayed after clicking the link Pay online now on the confirmation e-mail you will receive.
The amount of the deposit (30%) that you must pay will also be stated there.
In the “Reason” box of the transaction, please indicate the Reservation Code that has been sent to your E-mail.
Update: Whichever way you choose to pay the deposit, you must send us the receipt of the money transfer to our E-mail,
especially if it is a last-minute reservation.

12. I have not yet received the proof of my booking. What should I do;

The booking confirmation document will be sent to the E-mail you stated, no later than 12 hours after completing your form.
Please also check your Spam folder. Otherwise, contact us directly via E-mail and/or WhatsApp.

13. How do I get a receipt?

Upon arrival at your destination and after completing your payment, our guide will deliver your receipt.

14. If I want to cancel my reservation, what is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reservation free of charge, up to7 days before your departure.
If you have already paid the deposit, we will refund the full amount to your bank account and inform you via Email.
Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable but you can use this money on a different route with “Kreta Destinations”.

15. My flight and pick up time has changed. What should I do?

Contact us directly, via E-mail and/or WhatsApp and in case of emergency please call the mobile phone number indicated on your booking document and we will make the necessary changes.

16. What happens if my ship or flight is delayed or rerouted?

If your ship or plane is delayed or your flight is changed, please contact us immediately, via E-mail and/or WhatsApp, so that we can reschedule your transfer on time, free of charge, and to avoid further inconvenience.

17. Will my driver speak English?

Yes, your guide will speak English and there is support in other languages, using modern technologies, to better serve you.

18. Where will I meet my driver?

To transfer from the airport, you must go to the arrivals hall, where our guide will be waiting for you with a placard with your name.
For transfer from your accommodation, the driver will be waiting for you at the front desk or outside the building.
In any case, you will receive an update from him on your mobile phone, via WhatsApp, after he reaches your meeting point.

19. How long will the driver wait for me?

When confirming the reservation, you will also receive our driver’s mobile phone. If he does not receive information from you about any changes in your course, and he is unable to contact you, he will leave after 45 minutes of waiting by the scheduled time.

20. What if I can't find my driver?

If you cannot find your driver, please contact him directly at the phone number on your document or via WhatsApp.

21. How will the driver know that I am the right passenger?

The driver will ask you to show him a copy of the booking document. You can either display it on your phone or give it a hard copy.

22. Do I need to have any files with me for the move?

Yes, please bring a copy of the booking document with you to give to your driver. Otherwise, you can show it from your smartphone or tablet.

23. Why do I have to have a mobile phone on during my trip?

Your mobile number will be used by our guide if he needs to contact you in case of need, for example if he has difficulty locating you or to let you know that he has arrived at the meeting point.

24. I left an object in the vehicle. How do I get it back?

If you left an item in the vehicle, please contact us immediately at the phone number on your document or via WhatsApp,
to check if the item was found in the vehicle and we will inform you about the further process.

25. How can I contact Kreta Destinations?

You can always contact us via E-mail and/or WhatsApp and for immediate assistance you can always call us at the phone numbers that appear on our website.